A friend of mine, a second year PhD student in philosophy at Emory University was arrested in the university library when he saw a woman that he knew with 3 large male police officers standing over her. When he stopped to see if everything was okay, they became aggressive and arrested him forcefully, yelling, 'stop resisting' to justify their use of unnecessary force, despite his protestations. In DeKalb County Jail, he was made to stay in a room with other inmates which was too crowded to even lie down, stripped and verbally and physically humiliated by a police officer named 'Dog', and other things. He did not receive his books back for 34 hours during finals. Above is the video of the arrest and here is his very well written and thoughtful response http://dirtseyeview.wordpress.com/2011/12/08/libraryarrest/

Bonus points for the videographer who asserted her rights when the police officer told her to stop filming

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