My friend and amazing photographer Ricardo Bohorquez took this photos for an ecuadorian art blog.

In Guayaquil, the biggest ecuadorian city, every year around december gigantic paper sculptures are built to celebrate the new year by burning them in an enormous fire on the 31th. The custom in the country is to burn a figure to say goodbye to the "old year" and hello to the "new year". These figures, made traditionally with wood, paper and fabric are called "aƱos viejos" (literally "old years").

In Guayaquil, my city, year after year the figures and sculptures are becoming bigger and bigger with themes ranging from ancient history, sites of the world to Thundercats and Smurfs. The one representing Hulk kneeling to pick a citizen (a part that you can play yourself) is one of my favorites.

Alfredo Mora Manzano

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