I work in R&D and come across various construction industry based patents but a friends in the USA just emailed me one he's working on in the electronics field. It's a prime example of how a patent using patentese language can make something seem exactly what it isn't - in this case horrific!

Claim #1

An apparatus, comprising: a flexible elongate member that defines at least one lumen and is configured to be inserted within a body passageway of a patient, wherein the flexible elongate member includes a proximal portion, a distal portion, and a medial portion disposed between the proximal portion and the distal portion, and wherein the distal portion is movable between a substantially linear configuration and a curved configuration; and a stiffening member coupled to the flexible elongate member, the stiffening member being movable to a selected location along a length of the flexible elongate member to modify the flexibility of the selected location of the flexible elongate member, and wherein the stiffening member includes a first portion and a second portion, the first portion having a first stiffness and the second portion having a second stiffness different than the first stiffness.

See the link supplied for an illustration of what this non-descript, innocent invention might be!

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