I am writing to you to share a project I am currently working on in the hope you will be able to share it with your many readers at boingboing.net.

The project is called “Loopy lost his lettuce” and is an interactive children’s book for the ipad and andriod devices.

The art style of Loopy the snail is designed in the extremely unique and colourful art form called freeform crochet. All objects and creatures have been individually hand-made by myself. Once crafted photos of them are taken in our studio, they are then animated and manipulated on the computer by my partner.

We are currently trying to raise funds via the crowd funding website pozible.com to finish the game. The links to the site with pictures and presentation video which explains the project in detail are below;




We would be extremely excited to work with you on an article or blog post and would be very keen to answer any questions or provide more details, screenshots, etc.

Thank you 


View Link [pozible.com]