Keeping a gratitude journal makes you happier but creating a habit to do so is challenging. And when you sit down to write an entry there's a certain performance anxiety to write a tome but you don't have time so you put it off... And then the habit goes away.

There's now a solution to both problems. [] ( is a web site with a simple approach: 1-4 times a day, the site sends you a simple text message to your mobile phone: "What are you grateful for right now?" You reply with a text of your own which is stored online in a private gratitude journal you can log in and manage if you wish. Each week you get a Weekly Gratitude Review with the past week's entries to remind you of all you had to be grateful for this week. That's it.

It provides an easy way to make gratitude a habit which can make you happier! It's free for now but I may charge in the future (no more than $20-$30/year) to cover costs. It's mostly a way to give back to folks...

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