I picked up a Lomokino camera recently and have been shooting things to turn them into video poems. The look is awesomely analog, but their service is state of the art. If you mail back for processing a roll of film shot on a Lomokino they send you back the developed negatives, and a CD with digital versions of each individual scan and frame. They also stitch them altogether into an .mp4 and include that, as well.

Here's the finished piece I made using the Lomokino film I shot:

They (http://www.lomography.com/) also have a device that you can mount to an iPhone that lets you take processed slide film and turn it into a movie on your iPhone (http://usa.shop.lomography.com/accessories/lomokino-smart-phone-holder). Plus they're manufacturing Holga and other really unusual older cameras. And selling expired film. Really a trove of cool analog camera stuff from a company making it easy to use that analog stuff digitally.

View Link [usa.shop.lomography.com]