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  • Solar IS Civil Defense PSA 

    gmoke Permalink
    12:35 pm on 04/29/2012 | ,   

    Solar IS Civil Defense - what we are all supposed to have on hand in case of emergency - flashlight, cell phone, radio, extra set of batteries - can be powered by a few square inches of solar electric panel. …

  • Robot Quadrotor Drones Play the James Bond Theme 

    WONDERFUL gmoke Permalink
    9:07 pm on 03/02/2012  

    "Flying robot quadrotors perform the James Bond Theme by playing various instruments including the keyboard, drums and maracas, a cymbal, and the debut of an adapted guitar built from a couch frame....

    "These flying quadrotors are completely autonomous, meaning humans …

  • A Few Minutes of Bruce Sterling 

    gmoke Permalink
    5:14 pm on 02/27/2012  

    Bruce Sterling at EFF-Austin on 2/25/12. "Kickstarter is bigger than the NEA [National Endowment for the Arts]" and other stimulating ideas from the Pope-Emperor.

    View Link [youtu.be] …

  • LED Snow Surfing 

    gmoke Permalink
    8:30 pm on 02/20/2012  

    Filmmaker and fashion photographer Jacob Sutton had designer John Spatcher build an LED jumpsuit which pro snowboarder William Hughes wore for three nights on the slopes of the French Alps.

    "I was really drawn to the idea of a lone …

  • Printing Miniature Drones 

    gmoke Permalink
    9:03 pm on 02/18/2012  

    Two grad students at Harvard have developed a method to print sheets of miniature drones, the Harvard Monolithic Bee or Mobee, that pop-up into their final form. So far they've got them to flap their titanium wings but they don't …

  • Virtual to Tangible Contest 

    gmoke Permalink
    8:55 pm on 02/13/2012  

    Post an Instructable on how to turn a virtual item into a tangible object by April 30, win $100,000 in 3D printing tech and supplies. Examples include 3D printed objects, laser-cut files, and even printed decals using an inkjet printer.…

  • PV Value: Solar Electric Economics Spreadsheet 

    gmoke Permalink
    4:27 pm on 02/04/2012  

    "This spreadsheet tool developed by Sandia National Laboratories and Solar Power Electric™ is intended to help determine the value of a new or existing photovoltaic (PV) system installed on residential and commercial properties. It is designed to be used by …

  • Map of NYC Energy Use, Building by Building 

    gmoke Permalink
    9:39 pm on 02/03/2012 | ,   

    This statistical model uses "zipcode-level energy consumption data to estimate the average annual energy use for every tax lot—at practically building level—through all five boroughs of the city." Included are estimateans for space heating, space cooling, water heating, and base …

  • Peerogogy - P2P Education 

    gmoke Permalink
    9:59 pm on 02/01/2012  

    Howard Rheingold and others are imagining education as peerogogy rather than pedogogy, learning communities of peers cooperatively teaching each other what they are learning. Howard has been experimenting with the idea in his courses at Stanford and online, using a …

  • Nano Quadrotors Fly in Formation 

    gmoke Permalink
    10:26 pm on 01/31/2012 |   

    A swarm of nano quadrotor UAVs which can fly in formation. They sound like mosquitoes and the concept is more than a little bit scary. William Gibson dreams of a mass of these things comprising a flying skyscraper. I imagine …

  • Mike Godwin on SOPA/PIPA on the WELL 

    gmoke Permalink
    7:18 pm on 01/23/2012 |   

    Mike Godwin is a lawyer and the author of Godwin's Law. He will be discussing SOPA and PIPA and the future of the Internet on the WELL, one of the first non-academic or military electronic bulletin boards. The conversation continues …

  • Occupy the Future 

    gmoke Permalink
    1:41 am on 12/17/2011  

    Mark Hatch, CEO of Menlo Park's Tech Shop (http://techshop.ws/) at TEDxYouth. Tech Shop is a place where for $100 a month you can get access to a full machine shop with many, many tools from lathes to a …

  • Can We Build a People's Internet? (Part Two) 

    gmoke Permalink
    11:32 am on 07/15/2011  

    There are people trying to do just that. Here are links to all the initiatives that I've found so far. A few more are mentioned in the comments.

    View Link [dailykos.com] …

  • US Military's War Dogs 

    gmoke Permalink
    8:29 pm on 07/09/2011  

    Foreign Policy has two photo essays on the increasing role of dogs in the US military. They are being used in a variety of settings and ways and even are being given their own armor and equipment.

    Here's the URL …

  • Angolan Integrated, Sustainable Telemedicine, Education and Livelihood Project 

    gmoke Permalink
    10:49 am on 07/04/2011  

    Featuring low cost, low power technology which work at 2G or better speed, all field tested extensively.
    Collaborators include
    * Angolan government and universities
    * Jhai Foundation which has 13 years experience in field in ICT for development
    * Traditionally …

  • Kenyan Open Data Portal 

    gmoke Permalink
    10:35 am on 07/04/2011  

    "The Government of Kenya will launch a new Government Open Data Portal on July 8 that will for the first time make several large government datasets available to the general public in an easy to search and view format.

    "The …

  • Brazil's Freedom March 

    gmoke Permalink
    7:08 pm on 06/30/2011  

    "Forty Brazilian cities had their streets taken over by the Freedom March on Saturday 18 June, 2011. A multitude of groups, collectives, movements, organizations and outraged people brought forth their revolt. The fuse of this spontaneous rebellion was the violent …

  • Trash Technology for Education and Survival 

    gmoke Permalink
    1:33 pm on 05/31/2011  

    100s of toys from trash for science education, one step away from survival tech (solar disinfection, solar cookers for example) from trash for survival and economic development. Next step for Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings?

    View Link [dailykos.com] …

  • 40 Questions About the Revolution 

    gmoke Permalink
    5:15 pm on 04/18/2011  

    Jan Chipchase is researching the Egyptian use of telecom in their "revolution." Lots of good research topics here. Wonder what he'll discover.

    View Link [janchipchase.com] …

  • 2009 Energy Use in the USA 

    gmoke Permalink
    9:18 pm on 04/13/2011  

    Here's some data and gross analysis of the US energy usage for 2009. Turns out we waste more energy than we use, nearly 60% waste to 40% use. And our efficiency actually declined since 2008.

    View Link [dailykos.com] …

  • 8-Bit Weavers 

    gmoke Permalink
    9:09 pm on 04/02/2011  

    "Romero and Marta Cotacachi are a married couple from Otavalo, Ecuador. Since pre-Incan times, the people of Otavalo have been famed for their skill in weaving. Now throw Pac-Man, R2-D2, Mario and Space Invaders in the mix and you've got …

  • Chinese Dissident Writes a Tweet Story 

    gmoke Permalink
    7:33 pm on 03/31/2011  

    Found this at globalvoicesonline.org
    It is short SF story by a Chinese netizen, Stainless Steel Mouse, now under house arrest as a dissident which comments on the social networking revolutions that are sprouting up around the world.

    View Link [globalvoicesonline.org] …

  • Sarajevo Survival Tools 

    gmoke Permalink
    4:20 pm on 03/31/2011  

    An online museum of the improvised tools used by the citizens of Sarajevo when they were under siege. There is lots of ingenuity exhibited here. Look and learn. You might need to remember their example someday.

    View Link [h.etf.unsa.ba] …

  • Chernobyl to Japan - CSPAN3 

    gmoke Permalink
    10:48 pm on 03/28/2011  

    A Russian scientist who studied the Chernobyl nuclear disaster discussed the situation in Japan where repairs continue on a plant damaged by the recent earthquake and tsunami. Alexey Yablokov is co-author of the book "Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for …

  • World Map of Average Penis Size 

    gmoke Permalink
    10:42 am on 03/25/2011  

    Target Map is a new free online service that creates customized data maps by uploading an appropriate Excel file. This is one example of what it can do, a world map charting average penis size by country.

    hat tip to …

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