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  • Romney and Obama: When exaggeration becomes untruth 

    James Permalink
    12:35 pm on 04/29/2012 |   


    Yep, it’s like that.

    And it’ll be 300 million dollars more of that all the way until November 6.

    This is part of the “Mitt Romney Versus Reality” series. See also, “Mitt Romney Versus Reality: Student Loans Edition.” http://youtu.be/XwI2dvvN4oM

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  • The Autism Epidemic 

    James Permalink
    9:46 am on 03/30/2012 |   

    “A new government health report indicated that about one in 88 children in the United State has autism or a related disorder, the highest estimate to date, which represented an overall increase of 25 percent since the last analysis in 2006.

    The Centers for Disease Control reported on Thursday that the rate increased by 78 percent compared to the reported rate in 2002.”

    View Link [medicaldaily.com]

  • Willy Wonka Remix: “You get nothing!” 

    James Permalink
    12:03 pm on 03/11/2012 |   

    Epic beyond all reason.

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  • Epic rant about why the rich sound like arrogant bastards 

    James Permalink
    9:06 pm on 03/05/2012 |   

    Here’s an example:

    “I think it’s about envy. I think it’s about class warfare. When you have a president encouraging the idea of dividing America based on the 99 percent versus one percent — and those people who have been most successful will be in the one percent — [it] is entirely inconsistent with the concept of one nation under God.”
    — Mitt Romney

    What They Think They’re Saying:
    “It’s wrong to tear down others instead of improving your own life!”

    What We Hear:
    “All complaints about unfairness in the system are the equivalent of 12-year-old girls spreading mean rumors about the popular ones!”

    Look, I get it. You worked your nuts off to start a business (or get your MBA or become a lawyer or whatever) so that you can finally have what you dreamed about when you were in high school: a huge swimming pool in the shape of the Van Halen logo. You obey the law, you pay your taxes. Then suddenly, this Occupy Wall Street freak show declares you to be the “one percent,” and therefore the enemy. Obviously you’ve done nothing wrong, so their hatred must be irrational. They only hate you because you’re rich!

    To that, as the senior editor of a site that should goddamned well know, I can only offer one word:


    View Link [cracked.com]

  • Microgravity on the Intl. Space Station 

    POSTED James Permalink
    1:19 am on 02/09/2012 |   

    Expedition 30 astronaut Don Pettit uses knitting needles and water droplets to demonstrate physics in space through ‘Science off the Sphere.’ This is part of the first video in a series for a partnership between NASA and the American Physical Society to share unique videos from the International Space Station with students, educators and science fans from around the world.

    View Link [youtu.be]

  • Venus gets a modern makeover (via photoshop) 

    James Permalink
    10:25 pm on 02/07/2012 |   

    From chrome-translated German: “When even the “epitome of beauty” would be several kilos (even if only by Photoshop) to get on the cover of a glossy magazine, we should reconsider the default image of the fashion industry may once again …”

    View Link [blog.thaeger.com]

    • Jewels Vern 2:55 am on 02/08/2012 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      It was Mark Twain who pointed out that some of these pictures provoke such strong opinions that people fail to notice how poorly they have been drawn.

  • E-file of De-filed? “Free File Alliance” scamming Congress, American public 

    James Permalink
    1:20 pm on 01/28/2012 | , ,   

    In exchange for operating a quasi-monopoly on filing taxes electronically within the U.S., the companies that develop e-file software were required by Congress to create the “Free File Alliance” website, which allows American citizens to electronically file their tax forms at no charge. The forms look just like the printed tax forms, so it’s basically a series of PDFs with “filleable form” functionality.

    However, for several years now, the forms have been broken. For instance, most of “The 99%” who have children fill out the Schedule EIC, a tax credit for families with children. But the blanks to fill out the names of your children are unaligned so the names are read as scrambled; further, inexplicably, simply tabbing to the next blank is inadequate also. So, if the EIC is filed using their system, the IRS will automatically return the efile-d forms as improperly filled out.

    Similarly, self-employed citizens are unable to report income using the Schedule C-EZ form, because the “Do the Math” function — which is supposed to perform simple calculations on single pages — simply doesn’t function. You cannot enter the amounts yourself, only the “Do the Math” function will. But it’s broken. The IRS automatically returns the forms as an error, because the “total” blank must be filled out, but due to the broken form, can only be left empty.

    I have contacted the lawyers who are at the Free File Alliance’s office, and tech support at the IRS, who have reported that they have contacted the various agencies within that ad-hoc organzation, to no avail. For several years now.

    Reasonable people are left to conclude that the errors were either inserted, or left in, purposely, in order to pay lip service to Congress’ order, and force Americans to use paid and/or privately-branded e-filing systems.

    View Link [freefilefillableforms.com]

  • Free ebook online about the Hero’s Journey 

    James Permalink
    10:45 am on 01/26/2012 |   

    Ebook available to read free online for a “limited” time.

    The book lays out several cycles that heroes experience in movies, books, folk tales, etc. Which is fascinating (similar to Joseph Campbell, but a different set of cycles).

    Which apparently, Bella Swan does in the Twilight book, Or tries to. And which may not be quite so fascinating for many of us.

    Still, it’s a pretty strong argument why “dumb” movies and books are so popular, because they follow the same underlying patterns, perhaps in more obvious ways than “better” written books.

    Now I know why movies like Transformers and Twilight are so popular, beyond the spectacle of morphing, giant robots and morphing, muscular Native Americans.

    And, bonus, from the text it sounds like its the first in a series of “For Life” books. Maybe after the Twilight books, they’ll do Star Wars next, so I can learn why Luke is so darned whiny.

    View Link [twilightnewssite.com]

  • Morgellons Disease study concluded 

    James Permalink
    10:33 am on 01/26/2012 |   

    To quote Minor Threat, “It’s in your head.”

    View Link [abclocal.go.com]

  • The Dangers of Jar Jar Binks 

    James Permalink
    12:02 pm on 01/24/2012 | ,   

    Presented without comment:

    Under the guise of family entertainment, Lucas’ “Star Wars” prequel has contaminated America’s youth with subliminal sexual innuendo. Pastor Deacon Fred of the Landover Baptist Church commented, “The demonic characteristics of the Jar Jar binks creature become obvious when one pays close attention. His forked tongue, his lapping, his malignant features, are all too noticeable to the Christ centered man.” Experts who have examined the life-sized doll that has become the favorite ‘toy’ of 12-14 year old children, say that the evidence is overwhelming. The doll was created for the sole purpose of masturbation. It has four openings, and three extrusions, making it compatible for male or female pleasure.

    View Link [landoverbaptist.org]

  • Crowd-sourced Star Wars: Episode 4: A New Hope (entire film) 

    James Permalink
    10:03 pm on 01/20/2012 |   

    The circle is now complete. It puts the “sweet” in “sweded.” I especially like the standard comments at the end of the scroll at the start. Was that Kevin Smith as Princess Leia?

    View Link [youtu.be]

  • White House against SOPA 

    James Permalink
    2:25 pm on 01/14/2012 |   

    It’s like in Billy Idol’s “White Wedding” video, were they keep hammering nails in the coffin.

    View Link [whitehouse.gov]

  • Apocalypse Later (Surf now!) 

    James Permalink
    12:26 pm on 01/14/2012 |   

    Make surf not war.

    View Link [youtube.com]

  • Is change even possible in this mixed-up crazy world? 

    James Permalink
    2:21 pm on 01/04/2012 |   

    “You’re a dreamer, Annie.

    “These streets… are all I know. I’ll never get outta here.

    “Street won’t let go. You dig?

    “I can’t turn my back on the streets, Annie!


    View Link [media.mediapost.com]

  • Weird Al, Alice Cooper, and Steven Tyler “come together” to celebrate New Years 2012 

    James Permalink
    9:05 pm on 01/02/2012 |   

    Epic-ness ensues with the Maui resort’s house band.

    View Link [youtube.com]

  • Get your 2008 Gooseberry Patch appointment calendar! (Now only $19,428.73) 

    James Permalink
    7:49 pm on 12/11/2011 |   

    Hurry! Only two left!

    It does have really nice illustrations. I just don’t know if they’re *that* nice.

    View Link [ebay.com]

  • How the New York Times paywall is working (despite hackable work arounds) 

    James Permalink
    10:33 am on 07/21/2011  

    “Since March, when the paper introduced its metered model, The Times has signed up 224,000 paying subscribers to NYTimes.com in addition to 57,000 others who pay to receive The Times on e-readers like the Barnes & Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle.”

    View Link [nytimes.com]

  • Grafitti shuts down Pyongyang'; North Korea learns about the Streisand Effect the hard way 

    James Permalink
    9:43 pm on 06/29/2011  

    Someone wrote chalk graffiti on a wall in North Korea’s capitol saying, “Park Chung Hee and Kim Jong Il are both dictators; Park Chung Hee a dictator who developed his country’s economy, Kim Jong Il a dictator who starved people to death.” So, dictators gonna dic; they shut down all the trains going to and from the capitol, interviewing thousands so they could find who did it (did not catch the graffitti-er). The whole country wondered why the trains weren’t working. Guess what happened next?

    View Link [dailynk.com]

  • Dear Florida, Wear a condom. Love, Utah 

    James Permalink
    6:38 pm on 06/04/2011  

    “AIDSVu is an important new public health tool that makes data on the geography of HIV in the United States available to anyone with an Internet connection. AIDSVu shows us that every area of the country is affected by HIV, and we hope that AIDSVu helps individuals better understand HIV in their communities and take charge of their health.”

    View Link [aidsvu.org]

  • Which U.S. Presidents Increased the Public Debt? 

    James Permalink
    4:50 pm on 05/25/2011  

    You would think that, by now, everyone in the U.S. would (1.) know, and (2.) accept this information. But apparently not. And with Republicants clamoring to cover disaster relief funds before “tax and spend” Democrats ruin the country, here’s an infographic that should help to clear things up. Including whether this is an emergency financial situation that will otherwise destroy us all. Or not.

    View Link [isviral.com]

  • Star Wars Begins – The Complete Documentary 

    James Permalink
    7:08 pm on 05/17/2011  

    This is the complete, epic mega-documentary on the making of the original Star Wars films. “A fan documentary. “Star Wars Begins” is an unofficial commentary on “Star Wars.” It contains video clips, audio from the cast and crew, alternate angles, bloopers, texts, facts, and insights into the development and creation of the film.” And lots and lots of plywood.

    View Link [youtube.com]

  • Infographic: K-12 Bullying in U.S. 

    James Permalink
    1:15 pm on 05/11/2011  

    This sure fits my experience. California FTL! “Every 7 minutes a child is bullied. Adult intervention: 11% Peer intervention: 4% No intervention: 85%”

    View Link [bit.ly]

  • Al Qaeda vs. Health Care 

    James Permalink
    8:29 pm on 05/06/2011  

    “For every person who dies in a terrorist attack globally, 58 people in the United States die due to lack of health care.” Would it have cost more than a trillion dollars to save their lives?

    View Link [good.is]

  • 1967 Ford for sale on ebay — is actually chitty chitty bang bang – 

    James Permalink
    7:16 am on 04/24/2011  

    Oh, you pretty chitty bang bang… we love you.

    Note: car does not actually fly.

    View Link [cgi.ebay.com]

  • “Kids ULTIMATE Bearded Beanie” 

    James Permalink
    4:58 pm on 04/14/2011  

    Just look. That is all.

    View Link [pinterest.com]

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