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  • British supermarket chain renames bread on 3-year-old’s suggestion. 

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    3:31 pm on 02/04/2012  

    Sainsbury’s in the UK sells a type of bread with brown splotches on the back that they have always called “Tiger bread.” A 3 year-old girl wrote a letter asking why it isn’t called “giraffe bread,” since that is what the splotches more closely resemble. The company has now renamed the bread per her suggestions (http://threescore.wordpress.com/2012/01/31/three-and-a-half-giraffes-later/). The letter from the customer service guy is priceless.

    View Link [bbc.co.uk]

  • Cryptozoologists take offense at Maggie’s BB post. 

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    7:34 pm on 05/22/2011  

    Maggie recently posted about the newly-released digitized archive of Popular Science, and in mentioning an article about an expedition to find the yeti, offhandedly referred to cryptozoology as a ‘pseudoscience.’ This has deeply offended Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo — a friend of BB, and someone often linked to in BB posts. His point is that although there are flakes and fakers, as anywhere, cryptozoology is an evidence-based pursuit working on falsifiable hypotheses, therefore science. (He’s right.)

    View Link [cryptomundo.com]

  • Isreali anti-Christian sketch with boobs and crucified monkey puppet! 

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    7:49 pm on 04/24/2011  

    An Easter treat. Apparently this group are satirizing attitudes they believe are rampant in Israeli society, or something (http://my.firedoglake.com/edwardteller//2011/04/23/), but gee… The Youtube comments are more atrocious than usual. Me, I was distracted enough by the cleavage that I had trouble focussing on the blasphemy.

    View Link [youtube.com]

  • Birthers suck at Photoshop. 

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    9:00 pm on 04/11/2011  

    This could be the ultimate Photoshop disaster. A leading birther named Jack Cashill is claiming that when Obama says he was at Columbia, he was really in Kenya being indoctrinated. To make his case, he posted a photo of young Obama being visited by his grandparents at college and claimed that Obama has been ‘shopped into the picture: the ‘REAL’ picture has no Obama. But the ‘real’ picture Cashill posts is an epically bad PS job; for example, whoever ‘shopped out Obama left his knee floating in the air!

    View Link [mediamatters.org]

  • FBI: All right, all right, aliens did land in New Mexico. 

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    7:53 pm on 04/11/2011  

    The FBI has a new web site, “The Vault,” for sharing scanned documents from the bureau’s files. In one 1950 memo from the site, the chief of the Washington Field Office writes to J. Edgar Hoover that three flying saucers had recently crashed in NM, with a total of nine 3-foot tall humanoid occupants recovered from the wreckage. Despite the striking revelation that the FBI apparently bought into these claims, a bit of digging reveals that the memo resulted from a fifth-hand retelling of a profitable hoax.

    View Link [uk.ibtimes.com]

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