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  • 50 strange black & white photos from the past 

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    8:23 am on 05/21/2012 |   

    There’s a whole lotta anthropological theory to be developed from early “candid” photography.

    View Link [buzzfeed.com]

  • Saul Zaentz company sue English pub, named “The Hobbit” 

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    9:26 am on 03/14/2012  

    A popular pub and music venue called The Hobbit has been threatened with legal action by US movie lawyers.

    The Southampton pub has been accused of copyright infringement by lawyers representing the Saul Zaentz Company (SZC) in California.

    The company owns the worldwide rights to several brands associated with author JRR Tolkien, including The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings.

    View Link [bbc.co.uk]

  • U.S. still supplying Egypt with Tear Gas 

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    11:13 pm on 12/07/2011 |   

    Tear Gas is still reaching Egypt from the U.S.

    BBC Radio reports 6 tonnes of the stuff delivered Nov 26.

    Staff at Port Suez are tweeting that they will refuse to process any more.

    View Link [dailyorgan.com]

  • The Tron Lebowski 

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    11:51 pm on 03/01/2011  

    Tron mashed-up with The Big Lebowski?

    You know it makes sense.

    View Link [splitsider.com]

  • TV News theme now with more cowbell 

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    10:55 pm on 01/30/2011  

    Meme freaks at Network Ten in Australia have edited the News “sting” so that it now features a strident cowbell.

    View Link [community.ten.com.au]

  • 16 unpublished Kurt Vonnegut stories 

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    3:01 am on 01/29/2011  

    Random House releases “While Mortals Sleep”, 16 short stories by the master storyteller never before published.

    View Link [randomhouse.com]

  • “Buy Nothing Day” The Go! Team + Bethany Cosentino 

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    11:51 pm on 01/19/2011  

    This is an amazing song, as someone comments on YouTube”this song is full of catchy phrases, one after the other … there’s literally no boring part!” It is just hook after hook after hook.

    From the new Go! Team album with guest vocalist Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast. Her voice is sublime.

    View Link [youtube.com]

  • Super 8 app for your iPhone camera 

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    9:39 pm on 01/17/2011  

    MEA Mobile have developed an app that renders video taken on your iPhone to glorious, simulated 8MM.

    Video on the website, very convincing simulation.

    View Link [meamobile.com]

  • Krispy Kreme fails in Australia 

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    12:50 am on 11/04/2010  

    Krispy Kreme has gone belly-up in Australia, nobody wants to eat these horrific confections.

    View Link [theaustralian.com.au]

    • Antinous / Moderator 1:04 am on 11/04/2010 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I don’t understand how anybody eats those things. We used to get homemade cake doughnuts, fresh out of the fryer, when I was a child. Now those are delicious.

  • Your computer thinks in Hungarian 

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    4:10 am on 10/26/2010  

    Charles Simonyi is the Budapest born to a University of Budapest professor of electrical engineering.
    He worked as secutity guard at a Soviet Ural II mainframe installationand picked up hints on compiling and object-oriented programming.
    When he made it to Microsoft via IBM he took his Hungarian syntax – based code with him. Which operates on your PC today.

    View Link [en.wikipedia.org]

    • arkizzle / Moderator 5:48 am on 10/26/2010 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Which operates on your PC today..

      He worked for Apple and the various Linux distros too? Wow, he got around ;p

  • Kikkoman punk animated ad 

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    10:40 pm on 10/13/2010  

    That Japanese jello ad reminded me of the Kikkoman soy sauce ad.
    Great Japanese punk music and animation.

    View Link [videosift.com]

  • Kent State recordings suggest FBI mole started shooting 

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    8:53 pm on 10/09/2010  

    Audio recordings from the Kent State massacre contain 5 pistol shots before the National Guard onslaught.
    Student Terry Norman appears to be the agent provocateur.

    View Link [cleveland.com]

  • The Real Sharpies 

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    10:32 am on 09/05/2010  

    Everytime I read about the marker pen known by the trademark “Sharpie” I am reminded of the pre-punk teenage movement of the same name.
    Mindlessly violent and aggressive they were the antithesis of the hippie culture and caused havoc in the suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney.
    They were the Clockwork Orange fiction made real.

    View Link [skinsnsharps.com]

  • Jerry Seinfeld on the “Benson ” TV show 

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    6:59 am on 08/26/2010  

    This more of a request than a submission.
    Can anyone find some video, which isn’t blocked by Hulu, of the young Jerry Seinfeld appearing on the 1980 sitcom “Benson”, starring Robert Guillame?

    View Link [youtube.com]

  • Keith Emerson explains the Fairlight synth 1983 

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    2:06 am on 08/20/2010  

    Cheesy TV News clip of Keith Emerson playing and recording a film soundtrack on the Fairlight CMI (Made in Australia, yay!)
    Could this be the end of music as we know it?


    View Link [youtube.com]

  • Sharon King & The Dap Kings: Motown reborn 

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    9:25 pm on 08/16/2010  

    The Motown sound is making a comeback (even in Melbourne with The Bamboos) but Sharon King is channeling Aretha Franklin and her band blasts your brain with a slight Afrobeat flavour.
    Listen to this song, “Better Things”. Not even a professional video clip exists, which says plenty about the assholes who are running the music industry.

    View Link [youtube.com]

  • Hal Hartley directed Simon&Garfunkel classic with EBTG 

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    2:19 am on 08/16/2010  

    Everything But The Girl were British group who defy classification. This version of Simon%Garfunkel’s “the only living boy in new york” is one of the most beautiful songs you will ever hear. It’s just angelic.

    The filmaking by Hal Hartley is mesmerising, as well.

    View Link [youtube.com]

    • thequickbrownfox 2:04 am on 08/18/2010 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      The song is about Art Garfunkel flying down to Mexico for a part in the movie “Catch 22″.

      I think his part was eventually edited out.

      Simon @ Garfunkel were originally known as “Tom @ Jerry”.

  • Blade Runner travelogue 

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    1:10 am on 08/12/2010  

    Herve Attia is a location scout and has put together a mash-up of cinematic and real-time clips of the Ennis House (F.L.Wtight), The Bradbury Building and Union Station (L.A.)
    A well made film, just as brooding and unworldy as the Ridley Scott masterpiece.

    View Link [youtube.com]

  • Arthur Stace, the “Eternity” man 

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    9:16 pm on 08/08/2010  

    Born in the slums of Sydney in 1884, to alcoholic parents Arthur Stace lived in the squalor of the Balmain dockyards.
    As a teenager he was reduced to stealing food to survive, and was jailed at the age of 15.
    In 1930 he heard a sermon by the evangelist Reverend John Ridley who said “I wish I could shout ETERNITY through the streets of Sydney.”
    Athur stumbled out to the footpath and, finding a stick of chalk in his pocket, wrote Eternity on the sidewalk.
    He continued to inscribe the word for 30 years.

    View Link [nma.gov.au]

  • The Greatest Song You’ve Never Heard 

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    10:46 am on 08/07/2010  

    1967 at Abbey Road studios, sure the Beatles are there, but Pink Floyd are also recording the “Piper at the Gates of Dawn” album.

    This song, “Lucifer Sam”, freaked me out when I first heard it in the early ’70s and still has plenty of aura today.
    The 007 type riff and the metaphysical lyrics about a “black cat that’s something I can’t explain” are still haunting.
    There is also the amateurish video of the band clowning around Abbey Road, heavily medicated it would seem.

    View Link [youtube.com]

  • Louisiana teen drowning tragedy 

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    10:03 pm on 08/04/2010  

    Like most Australians, I was shocked by the drowning of 6 youths in Shreveport. Apparently very few African Americans can swim due to lack of swimming lessons and public swimming pool access.
    Every Aussie kid has swimming lessons, if their school has no pool they use the Local Council public pool. Do you have such facilities,run by City or County administrations and accessible to all for a small fee of $2 or such?

    View Link [newjerseynewsroom.com]

    • Lookforthewoman 8:52 am on 08/05/2010 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and we’re having a record number of drowning incidents this year. We have more deaths at the beginning of August than we had all year last year. It’s tragic. So far the only data that goes to explain some of the tragedy is that immigrants are less likely to know how to swim than those who grew up here.


    • inness 9:32 am on 08/07/2010 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      As a recent resident of the Deep South, South Louisiana in particular, I can tell you from first-hand experience that most services termed ‘public’ are underfunded, underutilized and typically have corresponding private (‘white’) services unavailable to most.
      Where I lived in New Iberia, the city pool (a small, chain-link enclosed pool) was only open to the ‘public’ two hours a day; children could swim both hours, teens and adults only the single second hour. The remainder of the day the pool was ‘rented’ to local daycares and camps, thereby fulfilling the faux public designation.
      In other words, if you’re a minority or too poor to be either a country club member or have your own pool, you’re out of luck. In the words of more than one official I spoke with, ‘The bayou’s right over there, if anyone wants to swim.’
      And we see the tragic result of that logic with the drowning story.

  • Microsoft Research pwns Google Street View 

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    1:48 pm on 07/31/2010  

    Microsoft Street Slide is the ultimate tool for the virtual flâneur.

    View Link [youtube.com]

  • Canadian cult movie “Crime Wave” 

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    7:56 pm on 07/28/2010  

    Not to be confused with the Sam Raimi/Coen Bros movie of the same name, this is indie film magic.
    John Paizs directs and stars as the tortured artist/filmmaker who struggles to create the ultimate “color crime movie”.
    His efforts include a psychotic Elvis impersonator, Amway salespeople who ransack houses they are invited to.
    But his films need “twists”, so he enlists a script doctor who turns out to be a serial killer.
    The little girl who narrates the move is Eva Kovacs, who ended up on Winnipeg TV news.

    View Link [impossiblefunky.com]

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